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MAWIMBI 2019 - 2023

Milestones in Mawimbi's development


April 2019

Start of the project in Arusha; workshops to teach girls how to make their own reusable sanitary pads using local materials.

september 2019

Start of collaboration with the NGO Msichana Imara Foundation. Creation of a team of six Tanzanian volunteers to run the workshops.

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november 2019

Inclusion of a menstrual, sexual and reproductive health education module in the workshops, which will be more and more developed.

february 2020

Opening of the office once a week for a workshop open to everyone, including representatives of associations.


december 2020

Participation in the French television programme Echappées Belles.

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Creation of education sessions on menstrual, sexual and reproductive health management online during the covid.

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Ongoing workshops in public schools, parishes, communities... and participation in debates, radio programmes, conferences.

august 2022

Moving to a bigger office and winning the award for the best youth health care project in Tanzania. The award competition was organised by Africa Youth Transformation Tanzania and endorsed by the Tanzanian government. More than 1800 participants from various sectors in Tanzania took part.


september 2022

Registration of Mawimbi as a social enterprise and expansion of the team. The Tanzanian government funds half the salary of two team members. Mawimbi hires two part-time seamstresses to make the reusable sanitary pad kits.

february 2023

Beginning of distribution of reusable sanitary pads kits at the workshops.

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More than 2000 girls have already participated in Mawimbi workshops. And the story goes on...

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