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To operate in Tanzania, Mawimbi is hosted by the NGO Msichana Imara Foundation. This national NGO works to promote girls' rights to education. Msichana Imara means 'strong girl' in Swahili, and it is the aim of this NGO to support girls to defend their rights and develop their potential to become strong and independent women.

About MSICHANA IMARa foundation

Msichana Imara Foundation was established in 2019 by Eliwilimina Buberwa, who is now the executive director of the organisation. She grew up in a small village in the Shinyanga region, a place in Tanzania where violence against women and girls was prevalent. In her village, girls were denied their right to education and therefore stayed at home while boys were sent to school. She was lucky enough to be one of the few girls in her village who were sent to school because her now late father believed in gender equality and equal education for all.


Therefore, in 2018, while she was studying her Bachelor in Science of Education, she started helping girls in her village to access various sponsorship opportunities for their education, and more than 35 of them have benefited from the programme. In 2019, she decided to register Msichana Imara Foundation as a non-governmental organisation.
Shortly after graduation, she was employed as a teacher in one of Tanzania's public schools, but because of her passion and background in supporting girls, she decided to dedicate all her time and effort to ensuring that girls in Tanzania get their rights to education.

Through her work with Msichana Imara Foundation, in 2021 she received an award from WILDAF TANZANIA as the youngest champion of girls' rights in Tanzania. In August 2022, she received an award endorsed by the Tanzanian government as the best young activist for girls' rights in Tanzania and in November 2022, she won a trophy as the best CEO of a non-profit organisation for the year 2022.

In 2021, she gave her first TEDx TALK, where she shared her journey to take Msichana Imara Foundation from a dream to reality.


To develop a community with educated girls, who know their potential and productively participate in economic, social, political and cultural aspects without fear.


To address the key challenges hindering girls’ participation in education and equipping skills and knowledge that help girls solve their social and economic problems.

core values

INTEGRITY   We operate with honesty, authenticity, confidentiality, and transparency, adhering to clear ethical principles. We are driven by the purpose of achieving the organisation’s mission and not by personal gain or vested interest.

PROFESSIONALISM   We conduct our work with a commitment to excellence. We continually seek opportunities for improvement and promote best practices. We maintain the spirit of learning, relearning, and unlearning.

CREATIVITY   We recognise that in order to drive innovation, we must cultivate an environment within the organisation where new ideas and collaboration are embraced to fuel better products, services, and processes.

RESPECT   We give our beneficiaries, stakeholders, donors, and fellow staff the highest levels of consideration and support, embracing the diversity of all kinds.

GENDER EQUALITY   We highly consider the inclusion of all genders in our activities, programs, and recruitment.

theory of change

If every girl has access to the right information about sexual and reproductive health and rights, a safe environment to manage their menstruation and the necessary skills and knowledge, if the community recognises the importance of girls' education, and if laws and policies that hinder girls' right to education are changed, then girls will have access to quality education that will ultimately lead to gender equality and poverty reduction.




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